Saturday, December 29, 2007

Family Trip Day 4-6 ~ Gold Coast [Dreamworld + Movie World]

We flew to Gold Coast for the rest of our tour. Byebye to Melbourne~ I'll definitely miss that place =( But I'm sure I'll go there again...somewhere in the future...

Lets talk about our trip to Gold Coast. On the first day, we went to Dreamworld. I would have so much photos to take in such a place. BUT!! My camera's zooming lance got stuck and I couldn't on or off the whole thing. How sad it is for it to spoil on this day~ Well, fated and there's nothing I can do~ So in the end, I went to buy one of the disposable camera. Thats why I'm unable to show you guys any photos of us in either Dreamworld or Movie World.

Despite having such a disaster in the middle of our holiday, my brothers and I were still very keen in trying all the thrill rides in the theme park. I bet that should be able to offset any sad feelings. We spent the whole day in Dreamworld. Walking around trying out different rides. Got a chance to take picture with Spongebox too!! Haha~

The next day, we did almost the similar things at Movie World. Went for most of their thrill rides. My favourite was Superman Escape, its the latest in the theme park. I like it because its super fast but it won't give you that kind of dizzy feeling. Haha~

I managed to 'drag' my parents for Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster. It was an indoor ride so everything was black throughout the ride. Meaning that we wouldn't know when will the car that we sat onto is gonna turn or drop at any time. Mummy was screaming all the too~ Haha~

Besides that, we watched the Police Academy Stunt Show. Lots of awesome high falls, huge explosions and sensational car chases ... and crashes too!! It was really entertaining~ We also went for Shrek 4D Adventure. We get to sit on those motion seats and the show was full of animation and great sound effects.

For our last day in Gold Coast, we went for a cruise. Got to see some beautiful scenery of the coastal line, nice beaches and try out some water sports like skurfing and boom netting.

Skurfing is a bit similar to surfing but we get to hold onto a rope and skurf behind a boat on a surfboard. I was able to skurf quite well at the beginning...but out of a sudden I lost my balance...haha~ Not forgetting to let out a loud scream before i drop into the sea. Lol~ Super funny~

Boom netting is a group activity. Hmm...I think a picture speaks a thousand words so instead of explaining what it is, its better to show you all a picture of it. Save my time...oops...hehe =p

Family Trip Day 3 [Puffing Billy + Picnic @ Lake Emerald]

This day was our free day so we don't have to follow any tours. However, we did went out of city to visit some places. Thanks to my 2 aunts, they brought us for Puffing Billy, Australia's century-old steam train. It runs along a mountain track so we get to see beautiful sceneries along the way.
A special part of this train is that we can dangle our legs out when the train is moving. Get to breath real fresh air and have a closer look at the nature. All in all, its a very interesting experience. Even my parents enjoyed it!

There're several stops between the starting point and the final station. We hopped off at Lake Emerald to have our picnic lunch. Aunty Hoon and Aunty Kiak prepared sandwiches, drinks, fruits and desserts for nice and sweet of them~ Annoying flies still flying around during our irritating~ Despite that, it was a simple but enjoyable picnic by the lake~
Me waiting for lunch...hehe =p

After lunch, we went to Blue Dandenongs to feed the colourful Crimson Rosellas, beautiful parrots. Everyone was enjoying feeding the birds, except for me, you know why? Cos I was bitten by one that day!! The white one!! So painful...arghhh~ They might be pretty but dangerous at the same time!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Family Trip ~ Day 2 [Mornington Peninsula + Philip Island]

This morning, we had the typical hotel buffet for breakfast, quite nice though~ Bread, bacon & ham, milk n cereal, noodles, pastries, fruits, etc. Eat until so full~ Haha~

We headed off to Mornington Peninsula after breakfast - a popular holiday destination in Melbourne. Had a photo-taking opportunity when the tour guide dropped us at Brighton Beach. The scenery by the beach was very beautiful~ Baby blue sky, crystal clear ocean & fine sandy beach...a perfect combination! My youngest brother enjoyed walking along the beach bare footed! Lol~Next stop - Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm, where we get to pick fresh strawberries. Yum yum~ Before picking the strawberries, we need to wear a layer of plastic bag on our feet so that we don't damage the soil when we walked around the farm. We also get to taste free strawberry ice cream!! It was so nice~ The strawberries turned to be very sweet and yummy~

We had our lunch before heading off to Lavender Farm and Ashcombe Maze, its Australia's oldest & largest Hedge Maze.
We definitely had lots and lots of fun in the maze. Once started, there'll always be people who walked way ahead from the others. And of course, lots of shouting! Haha~ You might wonder why do we need to shout in the maze?! Let me tell you why. People like me, who can't find their way out are still able to hear there's someone walking ahead of them, but the problem is that you can hear but you can't see where they are!! So, shouting comes into place~ Haha~ Look at my silly brother...can't find his way out also...wahaha~

Basically the whole journey inside the maze was full of laughter and its indeed very very enjoyable and funny~ Especially when we kept bumping into a dead end. So there goes the endless shouting and laughter...

Further on, we went to Lavender Farm which is somewhere near the maze. Lots of lavender and lots of flies as well !! Its summer, thats why~ They will fly very close to you and the worst thing is that they'll stick onto your face!! Oh my god...i just can't stand that~ Its so horrible! Anyway, despite being irritated by the flies, we still need to some nice nice photos...haha~
On our way out, i saw these very nice flowers...not sure what's the name for it...just felt that its very sweet...hehe =p

Saw this car at the entrance...have a look at its car plate...kinda cool and cute at the same time~

Moving on, we went to A Maze 'N Things, a very interesting place where we'll get ourselves caught in the middle of mental confusion. Haha~ This is because they have funny things like rooms that flood without getting wet, objects that defy gravity - makes me feel dizzy man~ Here's a pic of my youngest bro standing in front of the flooded room.

I D.I.Y a couple of funny pics taken at A Maze 'N Things. Have a look!

Funny huh? Hehe =p

Thats not the end yet! When we got out of the place, I saw this big interesting sign board. So, I sort of 'force' my brothers and mummy to imitate the actions. Haha~ Evil me...can't help it~ But its super funny...I can still recall back to that crazy but memorable day...

Our final destination of the day was Philip Island - to see the award winning Penguin Parade.

Unfortunately, cameras were not allowed as it will scared the penguins away. So, I can only take pictures of the entrance and their souvenir shops. During that evening, the weather was fairly cold with the cool sea breeze. We waited for more than 1 hour before we saw lots of Little Penguins swimming onto the beach at about 8.30 pm. They were soooo CUTE !!

These Little Penguins normally travel in a group and they'll rush into the bush to find their respective 'homes' once they got onto the surface. If they ever felt unsafe, they'll go back to the sea. Thats why we need to be quiet while watching as well.

Wonderful Family Trip ~ Melbourne Day 1 [3 Dec 07]

At last!! My family flew all the way from Singapore to meet me in Melbourne. So touched~ Like every other tour groups, we toured around the city for the 1st day. Went to a few places like Laigon Street - Melbourne's Little Italy, Yarra River and Federation Square for sight-seeing. We only stopped by at St Patrick's Cathedral and Captain Cook's Cottage.

Then, we went to Shark Fin Inn in Chinatown for 'yum cha' lunch. But mummy couldn't eat much because of jet lag...poor thing~ Never mind...I'll have her share then...hoho~ Luckily they were given some time to rest at the hotel before dinner. I bet they must be very tired after a long flight.

My 2 aunts met up with us after our yummy Thai food dinner and brought us to Crown Casino for a visit. Here's a pic of them...miss them lots =( But Aunty Kiak (my mum's twin, 2nd from the left) will be going over to JB on 2 Jan! So I'll get to see her again...yay!!

Here's a pic of mummy and me at the harbour front.

On our way walking back to the hotel, I saw this super cool car~ Wonder who's in that car? Hmm... I'll never know...must be some VIP or VVIP...haha~

2nd trip to Melbourne...Right after exams!! [24 Nov - 2 Dec 07]

Yoohoo~ Finally finished with my paper. Its time for holiday~ Hmm...actually to me, the whole experience of exchange already considered as a holiday for me. That means...I have been on holiday since July?!? I guess so...haha~

I went back to Melbourne on 24th of Nov. Anticipating for my family's arrival on the 3rd of Dec, in which I'll be joining them for a tour around Melbourne and Gold Coast. Really can't wait for them to come!! I missed everyone at home~

During my 2nd trip to Melbourne, I went to St Kilda, a nice suburb where I get to visit their arts & craft weekend market, the beach and Luna Park. Have a look at some of the photos.

After lunch, I took a tram back to the city. It was a nice Sunday and the city was crowded with lots of people. I came across this small alley, saw people spraying and drawing on the walls. It was actually a street art project, called "Beyond The CCTV". Sounds cool huh? And it looks cools too!! By the way, the murals drawn were done by a group of professional street artists! Lets have a look at their work~ Its nice isn't it?

Also, I had a 2nd go in baking muffins. This time round, I did it without the help of my aunt. Invented my own flavour too! Hehe~ I call it "Orange, Apricot & Raisin Muffin". Sounds a bit long but who cares...haha~ Not sure if my mum has a muffin tray back home, if yes then I'm sure I'll make some for you guys to try~

First ever Melbourne trip [10-20 Nov 07] I LOVED IT !!

Recalling back to somewhere near the end of my semester of exchange... Study break starts after 9 Nov and I only have one paper which falls on 22 Nov :S That means i have almost 2 weeks to study for that paper. Thats such a big gap in between!! Oh my god~

Out of a sudden, a question popped up in my mind. "Am i gonna stay in Adelaide? Having nothing else better to do except for that paper?" [Of course NOT!!] I said to myself... Its definitely a waste of money as my accommodation itself already cost about AUD 190 per week.

So, on Nov 10, I decided to spend 150 aussie dollars instead, bought my 2-way ticket to Melbourne where I get to stay with my aunt. She's my mum's twin sister, so in a way, i get to 'see' my mum! Wahaha~ I really had a weird feeling when I saw her that day, partly because its been 4 months since I last saw my mum :(

Well, lets talk about my stay in Melbourne. I've never been to this place and I seriously loved it after my 2 weeks stay. Its beautiful and vibrant, nice city view, friendly people and lovely houses. And there's so much things to do and see. Thats why i didn't manage to explore the whole place, even after my 2nd trip there. Yupe, I went to Melbourne again after exams and stayed there for another week, waiting for my family to come over for a tour.

As my aunt had to work and my younger cousin had to go school, so I basically did my travelling alone. So poor thing~ Haha...but anyway, its another kind of new experience for me. Here's some photos of those places...
Flinders Street Station

St Paul's Cathedral

Federation Square...unique architecture

Queen Victoria Market

When I was roaming in the city, I saw these horse carriages, they are specially catered for the tourists, like me~. Its kinda cute by the way, but I didn't go for it as you need to pay and I think its quite expensive. Haha~

Besides exploring around, I also learned how to make muffins from my aunt. Haha~ We plugged free mulberries from another aunt's place. It was planted right in front of their house. By the way, I have 2 aunts in Melbourne. Hehe =p So we made mulberries muffins with raisins and a bit of oats and crushed nuts as toppings. Have a look~ Its yummy~ !!

Monday, December 24, 2007

'Graduated' from my Ceramics elective!!

Previously I mentioned about the first project for my ceramics class, it was hand coiling. Later on, we had to do wheel throwing and platters to complete the whole course.

Few months down, I've been able to throw a nice cup without wasting any clay. Haha~ Recalling back to my first few practices, those were really a waste of clay man! Know why? Cos I was unable to control to clay properly when its on the wheel and we had to add water every now and then to shape the clay. I always end up wasting lots of clay without being able to make any nice things out of it.

But things have change and I believe in practice makes perfect, although not perfect yet but at least I can come out with some nice cups. Am glad enough for that level of achievement~ Well, lets have a look at my final work... Not bad huh? Haha~

As for my last project, we have to make a couple of platters. At that point of time, my mum's birthday was approaching so I thought of making her a present using this opportunity. And guess what? She's actually a twin! So, a birthday platter for her and my aunt became the theme of my project. Care to have a look at it? Here it is... By the way, 'A. Kiak' refers to my aunt's name.So what do you guys think of my work? Any comments? =p

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Its been quite sometime~

When was the last time i wrote my blog? seems to be around 1 n a half month ago~ Thats quite long but i feel kinda lazy to update

So what have i been doing all this while then?...until i haven't got the time to record down my journey. Basically, I've been travelling, eating, playing, seeing the world...not really the whole world yet but to places that I've never been to before...Everything seems to be an eye-opener for me and I'm enjoying every single moment of it~ though sometimes too much of travelling actually makes you feel a bit exhausted~ Haha...

Guess I'm not really in the right position to complain about tiring cos I get to travel so much and I should be grateful about that. Okay more complaining~ Lol~ Sincerely, I'm really enjoying my life now to the max...Thanks to exchange!! Or else i won't be here...experiencing the BEST of my uni life~

There's so much to share with you guys and for sure, lots of typing to do~ But no matter how, I know I need to continue recording my travel experience for these 6 months and I will !! Just give me some time to refresh my memory and I'll be able to share everything in words in no time!! Stay tune ya ^_^

Monday, November 5, 2007

Tasmania Trip Day 6 ~ Salamanca Market + Historic Richmond

Time really flies man~ Its already our 6th day in Tasmania and we'll all be heading back tomorrow. But before that, there's still 2 more places to go - Salamanca weekend market and the historic village of Richmond.

We went to Salamanca at around 9 am and started strolling along one whole stretch of stalls. There's lots and lots of stalls at this weekend market. They sell almost everything, like art & craft, clothes, books, food and wine, etc. Its something like pasar malam in Msia but its a morning market in Hobart. Haha~ And they are only open on Saturday morning! Initially we wanted to go back on Saturday but in the end, we decided to stay back for the market cos its really interesting. Lots of people were there and I like that kind of atmosphere. Haha~

My favourite stall was the House of Fudge. You guys know why? Cos they offered free tasting!! Haha~ And I seriously loved chocolates so so so much! I know I'm fat already...but lets not worry about that Anyway, I'm not the only one who went for the tasting ok~ Shirlin and Santiago went as well. And they can't stop trying too! Cos its very nice~ Haha~ And there's so many different we ended up trying non-stop...

Eventually, I bought 10 bars!! But I'm not gonna finish it all by myself of course, i
ts actually for you guys...I'm bringing back nice stuffs to share with you all ok~ Faster thank me! Haha~ Here's some pics of the stall, me and my chocolate fudges... =p

I think I skipped lunch that day...felt
so full after so many rounds of tasting, lol~

After visiting the market, we joined a half day tour to Richmond, the oldest village in Australia. Since its the oldest place of all, they basically have all the oldest buildings there, like the oldest Roman Catholic Church, the oldest bridge and the oldest prison. Haha~ Here are some of the pics.

By the way, we discovered one funny thing about Santiago and his friends. They have this project where they will bring along a photo of their pet, Oxo, wherever they go... Basically, they will take pictures of new places together with the pet to show that Oxo actually been there as well. Its quite interesting though...but funny at the same time~

I secretly took a picture of Santiago & Oxo at the Richmond Bridge. Have a look~ They looked funny~ Haha~ He'll kill me if he sees this blog... Lol!! But I don't care =p